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Top Over-hyped Upcoming Phones

The mobile device industry has become a huge combination of business, marketing, and consumer energy. With the enormous sums of money on the table for the most successful phones, it makes sense formanufacturers to build up hype for a device to drive sales and facilitate word of mouth advertising from happy users.

However, we’ve come to a point where mobile devices are hyped up far more than they probably should be. We have put together a list of the most over-hyped upcoming phones.

Samsung Galaxy S7


Samsung has become the undeniable king of Android, and thus commands a certain amount of attention with each new release. This is especially true with their flagship Galaxy S line. With some of the best specs, the biggest name, and very recognizable software, people know a Galaxy device when they see it, and everyone wants their hands on the latest one. Tech pundits throw out rumor after rumor about what the newest Galaxy might contain, how Samsung might have changed the line, or what users can expect regarding price or release date.

Though Samsung does release impressive phones, the hype has gotten out of hand at this point. Many of Samsung’s competitors release devices that are basically as good as the Galaxy line, they simply don’t have the public image that Samsung has. Fans clamor for new details, far before the newest successor is even confirmed by Samsung. Everybody just needs to take a step back and realize it’s just a phone.

iPhone 7


Apple’s iPhone has become much more than just a phone. It is a status symbol, a culture icon, a device that a huge portion of the world owns and many feel they couldn’t live without. As such, the release of a new iPhone is more than just a day for Apple execs to sit back and count the cash coming their way. People camp out at Apple stores for days, if not weeks, in order to be the first in line to purchase or reserve a new iPhone. These are social events, something to participate in and celebrate with fellow iPhone buyers, so much more than simply buying a new phone.

Should people be this excited about a new iPhone? Probably not. However, given that Apple is the sole manufacturer for all iOS devices, it makes sense for there to be a fervor around the release of a new device. Where Android has numerous different OEM’s, each of which probably produces several different device lines each year, the launch of a new Android device seems to happen at least once a month or so. Apple releases a new or upgraded iPhone typically just twice a year, so this gives ample time for consumers to build up enormous hype for the latest and greatest upcoming phone.

Like any consumer item with a huge market, phones do generate a certain level of hype before their release. However, some of these upcoming devices build far more hype than they logically should. Notably with Android devices, several different devices are released in a number of different price ranges multiple times each year. Before you go falling all over yourself and spam Google for any news on that new device coming out just next month, take a breath and think about it for a moment. The device is coming out whether you read about it or not, and the truth is it probably won’t be that much better than what is already in your pocket.

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